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Selecting Data Answers

  1. Display everyone's first name and their age for everyone that's in table.

    select first, 
      from empinfo;
  2. Display the first name, last name, and city for everyone that's not from Payson.

    select first, 
      from empinfo
    where city <> 
  3. Display all columns for everyone that is over 40 years old.

    select * from empinfo
           where age > 40;
  4. Display the first and last names for everyone whose last name ends in an "ay".

    select first, last from empinfo
           where last LIKE '%ay';
  5. Display all columns for everyone whose first name equals "Mary".

    select * from empinfo
           where first = 'Mary';
  6. Display all columns for everyone whose first name contains "Mary".

    select * from empinfo
           where first LIKE '%Mary%';

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